Ladies First

The man wants to go fishing – the woman prefers to have a "real" holday. This can lead to some discussion. Not with us :-)

For all the ladies who neither want to remain at home nor spend their holiday alone in an apartment, we offer a great alternative program.

Let us show you some of the most beautiful places in northern Dalmatia and take advantage of our many years of local knowledge and our numerous contacts. We know the real secret tips beyond the usual tourist program.

You won't waste your precious holidays and land in some tourist trap with us. We'll help you find those unforgettable impressions, magical places and great experiences.

You can select from the following activity options and have Christina put together any type of plan to suit your individual needs. She can also accompany you as your local guide. Prices vary depending on time and effort.

Talk to us. We would be happy to make you a personal offer!

City Tour of Zadar

The port city of Zadar looks back on over 3000 years of history. Strolling through the picturesque alleys of the Old Town therefore seems like a journey through time. The remains of Roman buildings, medieval city walls, unique Romanesque churches and even modern attractions such as the Sea Organ and ever-changing exhibitions offer a wide variety of sightseeing opportunities. The numerous small restaurants and taverns of the city offer all the delicacies of Dalmatia and invite you to linger.
In addition to many small local boutiques, numerous crafts and specialty shops have settled here. But you will also find international brands such as Max Mara, Armani and Versace in the Old Town, as well as perfume, jewelry stores and opticians.

Let us show you the hot spots of the city, enjoying a leisurely lunch offering the specialties of Dalmatian cuisine.


Shopping tour
Zadar has two large shopping malls giving you ample opportunity to casually stroll through the numerous shops of big, well-known brands.
We will take you there, help you find something if need be, such as specific brands you are shopping for, and conveniently chauffeur you back – bags and all.
Don't want to be the lone shopping queen? No problem, Christina will be happy to accompany you on this day.

Visit to the oldest European village: Nin

The history of Nin goes back to the 9th century BC.
The small picturesque village is located approximately 15 kilometers north of Zadar.
The old town of Nin is located in a lagoon and offers attractions such as "the smallest cathedral in the world", which also served as a calendar and clock due to its unique design.
In addition to the archaeological site of a Roman temple and a small archaeological museum, the town offers another attraction, the statue of Bishop Gregory of Nin. And we'll explain on the spot why this statue has a golden toe. You can indulge in regional specialties in the friendly atmosphere of the numerous cozy taverns.

Let us help you discover this enchanting village and invite you to one of the best taverns of the region.

A visit to Nin can be wonderfully combined with a swimming trip afterwards.


Day at the beach
Nin and the immediate surroundings offer beautiful sandy lagoons, which are not typical of the rocky coast of Croatia. The sea here has a higher salt content due to the higher water temperature. The shallow beach that slopes gently into the water is also very popular with families with children.
Let us show you where you can find Nin's medicinal mud, which has been applied since Roman times due to its high mineral content (for rheumatism, joint and skin problems, for example).
In high season, there are numerous small beach shacks offering a wide variety of beverages and snacks for the holiday visitors.

The deep blue sea and the spectacular view across the lagoon to the Velebit, the longest mountain range of Dinarides, provide the perfect backdrop for relaxing and soaking up the sun.

Let us take you to the most beautiful section of beach along the coast. We can escape the midday heat in a cozy pizzeria with views over the whole lagoon.
It's the ultimate holiday feeling.



Do you appreciate the convenience and the activities of large tourist resorts? Are you looking for sports such as tennis (with or without a coach), horseback riding, jet skiing, miniature golf, an entertainment program for children and more?
We would be happy to fulfill these wishes as well.
Come with us to the Holiday Resort Zaton, which is situated in 300,000 square meters of pine forest and offers all the amenities of large tourist resorts with numerous sports facilities, restaurants and small shops, and a pebble beach at the edge of the forest.

We will accompany you and take care of all the organization and booking of individual activities for you in advance.

Excursions to the North Velebit National Park

Do you hear the call of the mountains? No problem – we will help you have an unforgettable experience in the Croatian mountains.
The youngest national park in Croatia is considered among mountaineers as the jewel of the Croatian mountains. Numerous main attractions are concentrated in a small area - Hajdueki and Rozanski kukovi, magnificent carst formations, a beautiful botanical garden and one of the deepest caves in the world, Lukina jama. Few visitors find their way from the big main roads to here, which further increases the unspoilt and almost mystical fascination of this region.


Swimming excursion to the Kornati islands

Do you want to spend a day together on a boat?
We not only know the best fishing grounds – but also the most beautiful bays for swimming on Kornati islands.
The Kornati consist of 125-152 islets and reefs, making them the largest and densest archipelago in the Croatian Adriatic. Crystal clear, blue-green water and an incredible natural setting promise an unforgettable holiday. We'll take you swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing. And to top off the day, we'll dine on a delicious, grilled fish in one of the best taverns of the Kornati.

Let us take you to the magical island world of Croatia.


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